Be a Jettsetter!


Private Jets are not just for the

rich and famous

Right now, during COVID-19, Private jets and charters are the safest ways to travel by air. With minimal crew and passengers, you can rest assured that you will make it to and from your destination safely with COVID Conscious travel. 

At Odyssey Travel Solutions we have several private jet and charter partners that we work with to ensure COVID Conscious Travel, Safety, and most of all Value. 
We many different private jet and charter packages available to suit your family or group's needs. We offer Jet, Lodging (Resort, AirBNB, hotel), Car service or rental, tours, and event ticket arrangements. 

Now is the time to take your family on an experience of a lifetime to discover our countries vast destinations!

All travelers, pilots, and inflight crew are required to provide negative Covid-19 testing results at least 72 hours prior to departure. This will help avoid spreading and ensure the safety of the crew and passengers as we all embrace the new changes COVID has brought to travel.