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Preparing for International Travel

Updated: Jun 22

Covid has been devastating for travel junkies. As we battle covid and get our nations vaccinated, countries are opening up for tourism. We wanted to help guide travelers through international travel as countries begin to open up. Here is our quick guide to international travel.

Traveling internationally will mean you need a passport. We recommend that you get your passport at least three months in advance. You really never know what will happen in getting your passport back to you, so it is always better to be prepared. Click here to see passport requirements in the United States.

Traveling in this semi post covid world can be difficult, especially with each country having their own restrictions and guidelines for travel. Check out the CDC's latest guidelines for flying domestic and international. As of June 10th, you're still required to show a negative covid test result, regardless if you are vaccinated. Mexico doesn't require any tests to get into the country, but you still are required to fill out their questionnaire about covid before entering the country and traveling back.

Many times I have traveled and need to buy an outlet converter once I have arrived to my destination. That can be extre

mely expensive and frustrating. I highly recommend checking to see if you need an outlet converter for your charging needs. Buying that ahead of time through amazon can save you money and frustration.

Packing can be extremely stressful, especially if your destination is going to have weather that you were expecting. Here are few quick tips to packing

- Check Weather 3 days in advance before packing. You can catch any unexpected bad weather.

- Pack 2 days before your trip to make sure that everything fits and you make your luggage weight.

- Get travel size hygiene items, put them in a sealed bag. Shampoo and body wash should always be separate incase they leak.

- Don't forget the sunblock

- Buy extra cords for your phone charge, pack any laptop or camera/go pro charges the night before.

Do you have any tips of your owns? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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